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Updated: June 25, 1999

Early ShowsEarly Shows
The Yes Album TourThe Yes Album Tour
Fragile TourFragile Tour
Close To The Edge TourClose To The Edge Tour
Tales From Topographic Oceans TourTales From Topographic Oceans Tour
Relayer TourRelayer Tour
1976 (Solo Album) Tour1976 (Solo Album) Tour
Going For The One TourGoing For The One Tour
Tormato TourTormato Tour
Drama TourDrama Tour
90125 Tour90125 Tour
Big Generator TourBig Generator Tour
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe TourAnderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Tour
Union TourUnion Tour
Talk TourTalk Tour
San Luis Obispo ShowsSan Luis Obispo Shows
Open Your Eyes TourOpen Your Eyes Tour
The Ladder TourThe Ladder Tour

See also Steve Sullivan's Yesgigs 1966-1980

This database was composed from first hand reports, magazines, past NFTE's, and bootlegs. Each entry lists the date, city, venue, capacity, lineup, the setlist (when available), notes on the particular show, official recordings (audio and/or video) and bootlegs (audio and/or video) if available. This site also contains many graphics including tourbooks.

  • Maps on this site by Microsoft Expedia Maps.
  • 'City' names are based off the actual mailing address of the venue rather than the implied city.
  • 'Setlist' entries that are underlined indicates that the song isn't listed on the previous *known* setlist.
  • 'Capacity' does not reflect the actual number of people in the audience but rather what the venue itself claims it can hold. This is to give an idea of what size venues Yes were playing at the time.
  • 'Unofficial Recording' entries do not have an opinion on how a bootleg sounds for a particular show. I've discovered that they are just that..opinions!

The dates of the shows where compiled from Steve Sullivan's "Yes Gig List From 1968-1980". The dates for the 90125, BG, and ABWH tours came from fellow Yesheads submitting dates and the Yes Rarities list (with a special thanks to Shoji Yamada, Eduardo Paulo, Eddie Lee and John Hue for help with the ABWH dates, mega thanks to John Hue and Shoji Yamada for the BG dates and one last thanks to Steve Wehner and John Hue for big help with the 90125 dates.) The Union, Talk, SLO, Open Your Eyes and The Ladder tour dates where taken from NFTE and Yesworld.

I want to thank all who contributed and helped me with this page with a special thanks to Jeff Hunnicutt and Mike Tiano for allowing me to use material from the NFTE newsletter and being more than gracious for lending me web space for this site, Doug Gottlieb, Yesman Lee for his support and enthusiasm, Jimmy Clutter for some thoughtful suggestions, David Dunnington & Shoji Yamada's for giving me permission to use "The Complete Guide to Yes BBC Sessions", Shoji Yamada whose devotion to this site will always be appreciated, and to Eddie Lee who went way beyond the normal call of duty and put in an unbelievable amount of time and energy scanning and transcribing almost all of the tourbooks that are located in this archive.

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