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Early ShowsEarly Shows
August 03, 1968 - April 18, 1970 (295 Shows)
The Yes Album TourThe Yes Album Tour
July 17, 1970 - July 31, 1971 (164 Shows)
Fragile TourFragile Tour
September 24, 1971 - March 27, 1972 (111 Shows)
Close To The Edge TourClose To The Edge Tour
July 30, 1972 - April 22, 1973 (95 Shows)
Tales From Topographic Oceans TourTales From Topographic Oceans Tour
November 01, 1973 - April 23, 1974 (78 Shows)
Relayer TourRelayer Tour
November 08, 1974 - August 23, 1975 (89 Shows)
1976 (Solo Album) Tour1976 (Solo Album) Tour
May 28, 1976 - August 22, 1976 (53 Shows)
Going For The One TourGoing For The One Tour
July 30, 1977 - December 06, 1977 (89 Shows)
Tormato TourTormato Tour
August 28, 1978 - June 30, 1979 (102 Shows)
Drama TourDrama Tour
August 29, 1980 - December 18, 1980 (65 Shows)
90125 Tour90125 Tour
February 28, 1984 - February 09, 1985 (139 Shows)
Big Generator TourBig Generator Tour
November 14, 1987 - April 13, 1988 (67 Shows)
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe TourAnderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Tour
July 29, 1989 - March 23, 1990 (74 Shows)
Union TourUnion Tour
April 09, 1991 - March 05, 1992 (84 Shows)
Talk TourTalk Tour
June 18, 1994 - October 11, 1994 (76 Shows)
San Luis Obispo ShowsSan Luis Obispo Shows
March 04, 1996 - March 06, 1996 (3 Shows)
(Know Tour)(Know Tour)
Open Your Eyes TourOpen Your Eyes Tour
October 17, 1997 - October 14, 1998 (147 Shows)
The Ladder TourThe Ladder Tour
September 06, 1999 - March 25, 2000 (83 Shows)
Masterworks TourMasterworks Tour
June 20, 2000 - August 04, 2000 (30 Shows)
Magnification TourMagnification Tour
July 22, 2001 - December 13, 2001 (69 Shows)
Yes 2002/Full Circle TourYes 2002/Full Circle Tour
July 17, 2002 - October 04, 2003 (97 Shows)

The dates of the shows herein were compiled from Steve Sullivan's "Yesgigs 1968-1980" with special thanks to Paul Cobb for help on the 1968-1970 tourdates and Karl Speck for help on the 1971-1972 tourdates. The dates for the 90125, BG, and ABWH tours came from fellow Yesheads and the "Yes Rarities" list (with a special thanks to Shoji Yamada, Eduardo Paulo, Eddie Lee and John Huebner for help with the ABWH dates, mega thanks to John Huebner and Shoji Yamada for the BG dates and one last thanks to Steve Wehner and John Huebner for big help with the 90125 dates.) The Union Tour, Talk Tour, SLO Shows, Know Tour, OYE Tour, TL Tour, Masterworks Tour, Magnification Tour, 2002/FC Tour, 35th Tour, CTTEaB Tour and ITP Tour info was gleaned from NFTE, Yesworld and the kind folks at AMY ( In addition to these sources, data was compiled from first-hand reports, print articles and books, "Notes from the Edge", and "recordings of indeterminate origin" (ROIOs, a.k.a. bootlegs).

Each entry lists the date, city, venue, capacity, lineup, the setlist (when available), notes on the particular show, between-song dialog transcripts,official recordings (audio and/or video), and ROIOs (audio and/or video) if any have been reported. This site also contains many graphics, including tourbooks.

Here are some other Yes-related sites:

Yesworld -- the official Yes website
Notes From the Edge -- the original Internet Yes source
Henry Potts' Yes news page -- updated regularly
Tim Lutterbie's fan forum -- where 10,000 Yesfans meet
"Yesman" Lee's Yes Museum -- tons of fascinating Yesstuff
Ruud's Topographic Oceans -- ROIO lists for 1968-2004
Yann's ROIO cover scans
Steven Sullivan's Yesgigs 1966-1980

I want to thank all who contributed and helped with this site, with a special thanks to:

Elys Rand who did an amazing job and worked at lightning fast speed to bring this site back from the dead.
Scott Robinson and Kathi McBride who hosted this site from 2005 to 2008.
Peter McConnel who hosted this site on his server from 2003 to 2005.
Rhea Frankel, Alysoun and John Kuehne for financial support with the site.
Jeff Hunnicutt, Mike Tiano for lending me web space and for allowing me to use material from the NFTE newsletter.
Paul Secord with his valuble help with the now-extinct audio section of this site.
Doug Gottlieb
Yesman Lee for his support and enthusiasm
Jimmy Clutter for some thoughtful suggestions
David Dunnington & Shoji Yamada for giving me permission to use "The Complete Guide to Yes BBC Sessions"
Shoji Yamada whose devotion to this site will always be appreciated.
Paul Cobb for his 'squinting' skills and all the valuable work on the early tourdates. It's most appreciated.
Eddie Lee who went way beyond the normal call of duty and put in an unbelievable amount of time and energy scanning and transcribing almost all of the tourbooks that are located in this archive.
Michele Marie who really helped a bunch in my transcribing project by sending CDs full of MP3s and giving great advice to help out.
Karl Speck who put in a lot of work and research to get the 'Fragile' and 'Close To The Edge' dates in working order.
Mario Colonnese who gave info/photos of all the vinyl bootlegs.
Greg and Nate without their generosity, I would have never heard or seen many wonderful Yes shows.

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